KORES- Eraz-ex, Aqua Fast DryCorrection Fluid

KORES- Eraz-ex, Aqua Fast DryCorrection Fluid

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Kores Office Products Division emerged in 1936 and grew leaps and bounds from there. With a wide product range and excellent quality products, They have been called "The Stationers To The Nation". With a wide clientele ranging from the government, schools, offices, etc, a "Kores" product has reached out to everyone across the length and breadth of India.

Correction fluid or whitener is an opaque, usually white fluid applied to paper to mask errors in the text. Once dried, it can be written over. It is typically packaged in 15ml bottles, and the lid has an attached brush, which dips into the bottle.


  • Item: Erazex aqua fast dry correction fluid
  • Brand: Kores
  • Precisely processed
  • Safe to use
  • Free from impurities
Home & Office Stationery Correction Accessories
Brand Name Kores
Size & Specifications 15 ml
ISBN / Product Code 10502070101


1. Shake well 

2. Wipe excess fluid from brush

3.Apply by touching action.

4.Blow for quick drying

5.Apply second coat if necessary

6. Keep bottle tightly capped

PART NO:-- KORES-Eraz- ex Aqua Fast dry Correction fluid

Product code no:-- 10502070101




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