• RGB Light mode, Breathing light
  • In-Built Memory to retain last Setting
  • 19 key Anti-Ghost
  • S mould Ergonomic design, Reduce fatigue for long time use
  • 6 multimedia keys
  • High quality ABS environmental protection material
  • Pass more than 30 stringent reliability testing
  • Windows Independent lock
  • Can make the WASD and the direction key function swap
  • In-bulit memory to store last setting
  • 19 Anti-Ghost keys
  • Intelligent indepdent lock
  • 6 multimedia hot keys for quick access
  • Ergonomic deisgn comfortable for long time use
  • Can support 19 key stroke at the same time
  • Spill-Proof design to prevent the keyboard from damages
  • RGB backlit color to choose from with an option of turning off the light

The Circle Adroit RGB color backlit gaming keyboard provides you a true gaming experience with its especially designed suitable for gaming. It gives option of choosing the backlit color as per your preference from the colors red, green and blue. This Circle gaming keyboard has S mould ergonomic design which reduces fatigue for long time use. Built with ABS environmental protection material, it passes more than 30 stringent reliability test. The 19 anti-ghost keys(Tab, Q, W, E, A, S, D,L-Shift,L-Ctrl, Z, B, L-Alt, Space and Four Arrow keys) can support 19 key strokes at a single instance and through the control of PCB 10 port, various kind of key combination instructions can be identified. The spill proof design protects the keyboard any accidental damage due to the pouring of tea or water.


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Circle Keyboard Adroit RGB, MRP- 3,499/-